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I recently had an opportunity to participate in a fabulous workshop by styled and developed by Apryl Stead of White Willow Photography.  A beautiful scene was set and a bride and groom supplied.  What a great day (despite torrential rain at times) hanging with other photographers and doing what I love to do.

Photographed by Sally LeDrew

Wedding Photography Newfoundland.  Location Admiralty House, St. John’s, Newfoundland.


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Donna and Chris Power

My dear friend Donna has met her Prince Charming.  This is one beautiful couple…..a perfect match.

Wedding Photography by Sally LeDrew

Shot at Quidi Vidi Lake, St. John’s Newfoundland.

May 2013

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Every photographer loves to find a great location.  I discovered this great place when my first location was under heavy construction.  The textured walls added the perfect background to this shoot with KC.  # portrait photography newfoundland  # st.john’s newfoundland  # teen portrait photography newfoundland  #self esteem booster

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Now offering a budget affordable wedding photography packages for brides and grooms on a budget.  Boutique wedding packages are a great way to capture your important day with a specialized service package.  Please contact me in inquire about this package budget conscious wedding photography service in St. John’s, Newfoundland.


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Living close to Middle Cove and Outer Cove gives me many opportunity to get to the beach for a few snapshots.  Such a great place to escape!!

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Thanks to a wonderful team of professional who helped put this gorgeous workshop together.

#White Willow Photography #Apryl Stead

The Secret Garden Workshop took place at Admiralty House in Mount Pearl Newfoundland.  A group of enthusiastic wedding photographers gathered to participate in a beautifully designed setting to capture some awesome photos!!

Photo Booth fun for weddings and events.  4x6 color printing on site!!

Photo Booth Fun for Weddings and Events in Newfoundland



Photo Booths have been a great source of entertainment for weddings and events.  Props and printing plus an great booth experience is an awesome addition to wedding and events.

Rustic Bride

The rustic fishing shanties in Green’s Harbor, Newfoundland provided the perfect scenic backdrop for this perfect bride. Photography by Sally LeDrew.

Newfoundland BrideNewfoundland Bride Janice photographed in Green’s Harbor, Newfoundland.  Photographed by Newfoundland Wedding Photographer Sally LeDrew